Sumo Gold Cement

Sumo Gold Cement is an outstanding Gold Product in Range of 43 Grade Cement. It is one of the finest with high compressive strength and durability making it the gold standard product. It is the quality which make it so special for construction from Ground to Roof Level. The Cement is being manufactured as per norms of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) by indulging in strict quality control process by incorporating state of art equipment in our Laboratory for Testing of our Cement to produce High Quality Cement. Being packed in ADC paper Bags its quality remains up to the standards marked by BIS. Some of the features of the cement are:

Gold Super Finish

Fine Cement particles lead to better performance, smoothness and super finish.

Gold Durability

Micro Particle Strength leads to dense concrete mixture ensures high durability.

Gold High Compressive Strength

With High Compressive Strength it offers guaranteed Mazbooti

Gold Corrosion Resistance and Low Heat of Hydration

Quality of resistivity to corrosion makes it long lasting and low heat of hydration property leads in absence of cracks during hydration process.

Gold Surety

High quality Tamperproof ADC Paper Bags Packaging provides moisture-free and correct quantity and quality of cement.

Gold Less Setting Time

Less setting time saves time in de-shuttering.

Gold Anti Dampness Property

Anti-Dampness property make the long life of building.